Porch Roof Types

There are so many styles and variation of porches, porch types and porch roof types.  Knowing the terminology of porches, porch roofs and porch styles will help you as you try to identify the kinds of porches you love.  Educating yourself and porches and porch terminology will help you go a long way in picking the right design, structure and material for your porch.

Right now I’m going to just talk about six different porch roof types and give you examples of each so you can know what they look like and perhaps what you can search our site for.


Gable Porch Roof is a very common American roof or porch roof style. It is used on many different house types. If you have a Cape Cod style home or a Colonial style home then a Gable Roof will look very nice.  A gable roof has a very simple and basic style and they are usually made up  of a triangle-shaped roof in which the triangle is wider than it is tall. Most often a gable roof overhangs the sides of a porch, this allows the porch to let water run off the roof. A gable roof porch easily fits a deep porch if desired, and can also cover a large area without compromising the roof’s durability or strength. Gabe Roofs are often supported by posts to reinforce the two roof ends not attached to the house.  These support posts often match the style and the home and help with the over all welcoming appearance.

Hip Porch Roof is a slightly more complex roof type.  Hip Porch roofs are where each of the roof sides slope downwards to the walls. There are no gables and the slope is generally very gentle. A square hip roof has a shaped like a pyramid and is commonly seen  on bungalow homes, cottage homes, and ranch-style homes. A hip roof often has four sides that smoothly slope and can extend to cover the home’s porch as well. A Hip Porch Roof type extends past a home’s walls.  This creates a very nice visually appealing slope or slant.  A Hip Porch Roof usually only requires small support posts at its edges and this is because these types of roofs are largely self-supported

Shed Style Porch Roof is a basic roof that has a sloping surface that attaches to a house wall on the upper end. You will most often find this type of porch roof on a long narrow porch or porch deck.  These porches are also most often shallow in design because if the porch area itself is too deep the roof line of your house will look slightly high and out of place.

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