Want to own this lake front property?

owning a larger home sometimes seems like an impossible task but think about it, it only takes a few thousand dallars a month to live in one of the most amazing homes that exist in the city where you live. So how do you make a few thousand dollars extra a month so you can live in this amazing lifestyle house? Easy, find a product, something you already buy, and start selling it at a markup. Obviously better margins make it better for you and easier to get into that dream house but seriously, this is what everyone else does that you do not. The only reason you don’t live in an amazing house is because you are afraid, you are afraid to try harder, work harder, you are afraid of failure, afraid of success. So get off your butt and get a pen and paper and start writting ideas down, then write down how you will make this happen. Lists make success, you will wake up each day and think I haven’t done anything on my list today, maybe tomorrow. Its a good reminder of what you are actually trying to accomplish and the goal you are trying to reach.