You will not believe how much money this condo cost

seriously you wouldnt believe how much this condo cost so I wont even tell you. What you can know is that when anyone buys real estate the only reason they are able to do this is because is seriously is just a domino effect of money and mortgages. That’s right a domino effect. Meaning, to buy a $500,000 home and then flip it for money all you have to do is qualify for the loan. Rigth after the home is yours list that sucker for more than you paid. Flipping houses is not that easy but it almost is. Buy low sell high isn’t just talking about stocks. Its talking about everyhting in life. There is not a single thing in your house that you own right now where you paid wholesale for that item. Thats right, it was marked up and many many times, more than just once. Items in your house have probably been marked up and made many people money long before you bought it. So, to get in on this game you don’t need a single in, you don’t need a hookup, all you need is to learn to sell.