Guess whose house this is?

You got it. It could be yours if you play your cards right. The other day I was talking to a guy about the economy and he was telling me how it is great and he is making tons of money. Then another day ago, I was talking to another guy and he was like life is horrible the economy is garbase, there are no jobs. So which guy is right? Seriously, 2 men, 2 different perspectives. Well we tend to filter our entire world through our own personal experience lens. That’s a stuipid thing to do but we do it anyways, and we do it all the time. The economy sucks for the man who can’t find a job. The economy is great for the sales man who keeps getting freaking huge commissions every day because he sells luxury cars to people that have to work hard. Sales actually isn’t so bad if you have a product someone needs and you are in the right market to actually sell that product. Example of a sucky sales job, selling sams club or costco memberships. Those jobs suck, that is not even sales. Those jobs suck because you cannot sell to the same person twice. Rule number one of sales, if you can have repeat clients then that sales job sucks and is a dead ender. A dead end sales job will only bring you pain and stress. All your effort to sell amounts to nothing. On the other hand if you have a sales job where people come back for me, or can easily refer you to their friends and family, then you have a potential gold mine.