You Will Want This

Well here we are in october! Yay! This is a great time of year and there is nothing better than pumkin pancakes! That’s right! Pumkins are awesome, pumkins are beautiful! There are so many awesome foods you can create and Read more ›

the secret why this fort worth house looks so good

When I saw this beautifully landscaped brick home I had to grab a photo.  This picture is awesome and really is appealing on all sorts of levels.  This home has beautiful gables and the tress really help add to the Read more ›

The secret to displaying any flag on your gazebo

Patriotism and style, two different words, but they don’t have to be opposites. This Texas park has its center-piece as a patriotic gazebo with beautifully crafted gables and railings with flag holders built in so that our country’s flag can Read more ›

the one thing most people forget when building their gazebo

Lush, green, verdant woodlands surrounding a white paved walkway with potted trees and flowerbeds in abundance. This Fort Worth area has a beautiful setting for a beautiful gazebo, simple, white pillars and a brick floor make this a perfect place Read more ›

You’ll never guess what this gazebo is made out of

Flowers of varying color, shape, and size surround this white washed gazebo with fragrance and beauty. The multi-colored brick floor and path are well-laid and evenly set, and the pathway leads to stone benches and more flowers to look at, Read more ›

Why this gazebo was really built

This gazebo is custom-built with a nice cozy chair and a homely rug. The window panes are set facing both the east and west to accommodate the sun’s rising, and the sun’s setting. The predominant colors are green and purple, giving the Read more ›

The real view from this gazebo will shock you

There are lakeside cabins, and then there are apparently lakeside gazebos. This panoramic view gives life to the scene, and some grace to the simply made gazebo. The lake in the background gives much in the way of sensory appreciation, Read more ›

The secret to adding romance into your structure

Ah, the majestic gazebo, one of the best landscape and home additions possible, this particular Fort Worth home has one, I mean, who wouldn’t want one? This gazebo is made custom and the wood used is of a lighter shade Read more ›

You’ll never guess whose wedding was held here

There is nothing better than having a true purpose, and whoever built this gazebo had a very special one. Clearly this gazebo, with its white coloring and the location, romantically set beside a river and surrounded by a forest, was Read more ›